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Making The Right Calls For Your Project

Managing The RFP Process From Start To Finish

When it's time to upgrade your campus telephone system, consider the benefits of having Archi-Technology manage the process for you:

  • Leverage our specialized knowledge of IP phone systems, technology infrastructure and telecommunications services.
  • Save time and internal resources with objective external management of the entire RFP process from needs assessment through system installation and verification.
  • Maximize available budgets by selecting from competitive proposals that allow for different solutions to meet your needs.
  • Avoid project cost and/or schedule overruns with strategic, proactive technology consulting services during the planning phase.

As experienced, independent technology consultants, Archi-Technology specializes in the technology infrastructure and interrelated systems that connect students, faculty, staff and community with each other and the world at large.

Six Steps For Successful Phone System Upgrades

Based on more than 18 years of experience on educational and healthcare campuses, Archi-Technology uses the following steps to ensure successful phone system projects.

Six Steps For Successful Phone System Upgrades

1. Project Initiation We listen before we talk to start a dialog that identifies:
  • Issues with the existing system and desired functionality
  • Project goals, team and roles
  • Budget and schedule
  • Purchasing guidelines

2. Assessment Phase Once project goals are clearly defined, we take a detailed look at your existing:
  • Phone system capabilities and size
  • Quantities and types of phones
  • Network infrastructure VoIP readiness
  • Switching and routing equipment for V-LAN, QoS and PoE capabilities
  • Telecom room environmental controls and security
  • Cabling infrastructure at each new and existing to remain location

3. Budget Validation Develop a budget for needs and include options for wants. Adjust budget or options as needed.

4. RFP Creation Phase Quantify and qualify everything needed. Include options and allow for different solutions to be presented but don't make vendors feel like they are taking a test for which they didn't study. Don't force an apples-to-apples comparison but try to get apples-to-oranges instead of apples-to-pork chops. Include requirements for:
  • Manufacture qualifications
  • Vendor qualifications
  • Implementation/Programming
  • Testing and Training
  • Warranty/Service response
  • Documentation
  • Project management
  • Also request long-term maintenance and system addition pricing

5. RFP Evaluation Determine the best value by comparing the following:
  • Compliance with RFP requirements
  • Evaluation of Vendors and Manufactures capabilities and reputation
  • Use original purchase price, desired options, pricing for additions and long term maintenance cost to determine the lowest cost

6. Implementation Review the vendors project plan which should include:
  • Identification of staff roles and responsibilities
  • A planning phase
  • Equipment delivery schedule
  • Installation schedule
  • Testing
  • Cutover plan (with contingency plan
  • Training Plan
Implementation-related services Archi-Technology provides include:
  • Hold meetings to discuss the status and progress of the implementation
  • Witness the acceptance testing
  • Evaluate Training prior to user training
  • Evaluate System Documentation
  • Hold exit interviews so that our process can be adjusted for future RFPs as needed

For More Information

Please call 585-424-1952 to discuss your specific project requirements or send us an email.

6 Things To Ask Your Phone System Vendor

  1. Does your firm make any money off commissioned equipment sales?
  2. Does your firm employ specialists or generalists?
  3. What is your firm's experience with technology infrastructure?
  4. What is your firm's approach to VoIP readiness?
  5. What is your firm's approach to projects?
  6. What is your firm's experience with telecommunications services?

For details, see our Telephone Systems data sheet.

Telephone Systems
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