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The Smart Choice for Security Systems

Easily integrate efficient Security Systems design into your project

Security SystemsThe safety and security of people and property are probably the most fundamental needs of any building. More and more, today’s Security Systems (SS) are connected via data-network infrastructure to other building-technology systems such as Video Surveillance, Access Control, Door Hardware, and Emergency Notification. In essence, Security is becoming much more like telecommunications and less like power and lighting.

Archi-Technology's Security Systems data sheet (PDF)

Specialists in the systems that move data

Archi-Technology LLC, an independent technology consulting firm, has been designing and managing the construction of Security Systems in educational, healthcare and other commercial settings for more than 15 years.

As specialists in the underlying technology infrastructure that allows buildings to become self-aware, we understand the effects that Security Systems design has on other network-connected systems and components, and help you plan accordingly.

Objective consulting and proven systems design

As an independent technology consulting firm, our Security Systems designs are based on efficiently meeting the client’s needs, not those of a specific manufacturer. And while we offer objective consulting services such as Security Assessments, we also possess solid in-house systems design expertise that can be applied to any project that includes a security component.

Other expertise that differentiates our Security Systems design approach includes:

  • Security Assessments that identify risks and plan for implementation of the correct countermeasures.
  • Door Hardware (Division 8) which improves project coordination and eliminates potential gaps in SS and Access Control.
  • Video Surveillance including pre-installation light measurement and projected views for lighting and positioning efficiencies.
  • Electronic Documentation of Security Systems for more cost effective operation, maintenance, and future upgrades.
  • Construction industry knowledge that minimizes surprises among diverse project disciplines–architecture, owner, IT, engineering, construction–using a design-to-manage approach to reduce system Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

In addition to meeting functional needs, we work closely with Architects to ensure that all Security System components are as visually unobtrusive as possible.

To discuss how our assess, plan, design, construct and documentation services can improve the quality of your Security Systems while saving time and money, please call 585-424-1952.

Security Systems Services

  • Security Assessment services

Planning & Consulting
  • Budget review and validation
  • Pre-design audit
  • Recommendations

Systems Design
  • Plain language narrative
  • Product specifying
  • Design standards

Construction Management
  • Periodic design reviews
  • Collaborative cloud-based software
  • T-series Technology drawings

Documentation Services
  • Electronic project archive
  • Site plan-based, drill-down
  • As Built documentation
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