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The Pathway To Technology Infrastructure Project Success

As much as we live in the wireless age, a tremendous amount of cable and fiber is still required for facility-based technology infrastructure and the systems it connects such as Communications, Security, AV and Clinical.

The ability to work collaboratively and creatively with project team members representing diverse interests–architectural, owner, IT, engineering, construction–is paramount to success when designing technology systems' pathways and spaces.

Whether new build or retrofit, Archi-Technology has almost 20 years of experience designing technology infrastructure pathways and spaces that meet a project's functional requirements while respecting the architectural design aesthetic.

Through thorough planning and design early in the project, we yield costs savings for our clients by eliminating unpleasant surprises during construction. It's far more cost effective to design efficient spaces and pathways before ground is broken than during the building phase.

The key is continual coordination of other systems that will or may be affected by technology systems pathways and spaces.

Creative Spaces and Pathways Start With Building Intimacy

If you don't know what you have, it's difficult to know what you need with any degree of cost efficiency.

Whether new build or retrofit, Archi-Technology starts every project with an intensive familiarization with the project including:

  • Inventory existing electronic and hardcopy drawings and documentation.
  • Review of existing historic CAD files and project data including Outside Plant.
  • Add existing information to site and building drawings.
  • Perform a physical site survey including measurement and mapping, and update drawings accordingly.
  • Thoroughly investigate where there is and isn't space, and creatively maximize/ re-purpose available space.
For More Information

For more information about cost-saving approaches to communications infrastructure pathways and spaces, see the project profiles on our Pathways data sheet or call 585-424-1952 to discuss your specific needs.

Integrating Technology With Architecture At Cornell University

The technology systems developed for Johnson Art Museum (JAM) and Millstein Hall shared a need to respect the highest architectural design aesthetic while providing state-of-the-art technological capabilities.

But the projects were also different. Millstein Hall was new construction while Johnson Art was a retrofit project. From pathways poured into concrete and built into walls to virtual ceilings and wall-colored data outlets, we brought a palette of design solutions to this project.

For the JAM, pathways were hidden behind existing building infrastructure where possible or new architectural elements were added to hide the Information based Infrastructure.

For details, see our Pathways data sheet.

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