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Communications technology systems — CSI Division 27 — harness the connectivity of technology infrastructure for voice, data and video capabilities for inter- and intra-campus facilities.

The swift migration from copper-based voice systems to IP telephony has been a double-edge sword; owners are free from local phone company rates but additional communications bandwidth is required as are wireless access points and other related infrastructure.

Data-transport systems bring their own demands especially as IT departments work double time to keep up with advances in corporate computing driven by "big data." As complex software algorithms measure more granular information more often and push it all to the cloud as part of The Internet Of Things, reliable data networking systems are a requirement for an organization's daily operations of almost every kind.

Archi-Technology takes a design-to-manage approach that adds value during each project phase. From planning and design through construction management and cutover management, we take a strategic, holistic view of your Communications Systems and how they physically and technically integrate with the rest of your project.

This approach includes innovative electronic As Built documentation of Communications systems that makes life easier and more productive for architects, engineers, CMs, contractors and owners.

We are also sensitive to architectural design considerations, finding creative ways to keep Communications systems as transparent as possible to tenants.

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To discuss your specific communications system needs please call Archi-Technology at 585-424-1952.

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