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  • Audio/Video (AV) Systems.  Distributed, Integrated.
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Giving Tenants And Facilities Sight And Sound

While CSI's Division 27 includes 27 40 00. Audio-Video (AV) Communications, Archi-Technology breaks this Communications system category out on its own due to a number of factors.

  • AV systems are among the most rapidly evolving types of technology systems. Applications range from traditional distributed AV systems in educational environments to digital display devices controlled via centralized stations such as in healthcare settings.
  • AV systems touch many other technology system categories such as Video Surveillance (Safety), and Patient Monitoring and Imaging (Clinical), and Automation.
  • AV systems are the most visible of all technology systems that, for the most part, are designed to be transparent to the user and the building's architectural design.

From a project design perspective, owners are bringing increasingly sophisticated AV requirements to the table for Architects to incorporate into their scope of work. Archi-Technology has more than a decade of experience working with Architects and other construction professionals as a flexible team member specializing in AV systems. We have significant experience in the planning, design, construction management and handover of large-scale, multi-faceted AV projects including the following types of educational and healthcare settings:

  • Conference rooms
  • Classrooms and lecture halls
  • Auditorium and theaters
  • Lobbies
  • Observation rooms
  • Patient treatment areas including hospital rooms
  • Nurse stations
  • Building Cafeterias
  • Public areas such as transit centers
For More Information

To discuss specific AV system requirements for an existing or upcoming project, please call Archi-Technology at 585-424-1952.

A Holistic Approach To Complex AV Project Requirements

From boardrooms and bedsides to classrooms and cafeterias, building owners are requiring more sophisticated AV systems as part of their facility requirements.

Yet most architectural and engineering firms lack specialized, current knowledge of and expertise in the range of systems and devices that comprise today's AV systems.

Archi-Technology has been working with architects, engineers, CMs, and subcontractors to plan, design and oversee construction of integrated and distributed AV systems.

Our AV specialists bring unique benefits to both new construction and retrofit projects including objective planning and equipment selection, centralized purchasing on behalf of our clients, and the ability to meet complex technical specifications while respecting the aesthetic of the facility's architectural design.

See a dozen ways that Archi-Technology approaches complex AV project design and delivery in a way that makes it simple and cost effective for our clients. Visit our Project Approach page or view the PDF.

Project Approaches
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