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Like MEP Consultants But For Systems That Move Data

Architects, Construction Managers and Building Owners don't hesitate to bring an MEP consulting firm onto a project team early in the planning stage to avoid unforeseen obstacles during construction that could cost everyone unnecessary money and time. After all, the systems that move energy within and among facilities are a significant functional and financial component of the project.

But who coordinates design and construction of the facility-based systems that move data and are beyond the technical capabilities of most architects, electrical engineers and IT departments? With so many communications, security and life safety systems running over the Internet, the use of experienced specialists for these hybrid half-IT/half-facility systems has never been so important.

As an independent technology consulting firm, Archi-Technology has been saving our clients time, money and space on Communications, Life Safety and Automation (CLA) systems for more than 15 years. Our expertise includes the following systems and related components:

Communications Infrastructure Communications Systems
  • Voice Systems
  • Data Systems
Audio-Video (AV) Systems
  • Integrated AV
  • Public Address (PA)
  • Master Clock
Building Systems
  • Alarm
  • Building Automation
Security Systems Clinical Systems
  • Nurse Call
  • Patient Monitoring

Please visit our Markets and Professions sections for more information, then call 585-424-1952 to see how we can save your organization time and money on the Technology component of your current or next construction project.

Benefits Of Using A Technology Consultant

  • Extend project budgets.
  • Enjoy seamless technology infrastructure and systems coordination with clients and contractors.
  • Eliminate surprises with coordination of all technology systems requirements.
  • Maximize resources with parallel systems planning with traditional building planning and design.
  • Stay on top of the latest technological trends and advances without expenses.
  • Work only when needed.
Technology Consultants for the 4th Utility

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