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The Issue

When a new technology system is implemented in a school district, the vendor is often unaware of other existing systems including their functions and how the district uses them. The result is often a relatively standalone system that under-utilizes or does not integrate well with the district’s other systems.

Furthermore, existing systems are typically supported by personnel in different district departments so the overall knowledge of all of a district’s technology systems is not known by any one person. This leaves a vendor unable to fully leverage the new technology to best meet the district’s goals.

The Solution
  1. Evaluate the functionality of multiple manufacturers to see which solutions best meet the districts current process and future goals.
  2. Define customer operational criteria for the new system based on the district’s process for each type of security event ensuring the system meets district goals and is inter-operable with existing systems.
  3. Lead meetings to document the standard operation sequence of district staff and how the technology systems are currently used in each scenario.
  4. Lead meetings to establish the customers programming preferences for existing protocols and procedures including differences for day-to-day vs. emergency applications.
  5. Provide project oversight of vendor(s) to ensure job is completed accurately.
  6. Ensure proper equipment and System configuration is installed.
  7. Check installer testing results and hand-off documentation.
  8. Training oversight of the installing vendor to ensure the owner can successfully utilize the systems as intended.
  9. Ensure vendor provides adequate, timely training and reference materials including:
    • How-to training manuals.
    • Step-by-step guides for annual tasks.
    • Web resources.
The Result

A properly programmed and fully integrated set of systems that meet the clients’ predefined goals.

The Deliverables

Delivered via the client’s ML Binders™ Software subscribing account:

  1. A Theory of Operations Guide that describes how multiple systems inter-operate with each other and their role in the districts Safety, security, and communication protocols.
  2. A clearly documented integration of the Safety, Security, and communication systems, and their components (e.g. Door Contacts, Cameras, PA head ends, etc.) A planning document with system components identified and a drawing overview.

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