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Comprehensive facility project planning made accessible.

The Issue

Many organizations face challenges in optimizing the various funding sources available for the design, construction, and deployment of technology and other facility based systems (i.e., AMEP).

Because there are restrictions as to what can be purchased with most funding sources, careful upfront planning and coordinating of current and future project expenditures is critical.

Unfortunately, in many organizations, no single person has accurate, up-to-date knowledge of all facilities’ projects, systems, and funding sources with their inherent restrictions. This often wastes available funding based on short-term tactical vs. long-term comprehensive strategic decisions and results in an inferior solution being installed.

The Solution

Interactive, cloud-based comprehensive facility planning software customized for the client’s specific needs that assists in optimizing available funding sources for technology and other facility-based systems (e.g., AMEP) to meet specific organizational goals.

The Result

Optimized funding for technology and other facility-based systems that meets funding restrictions while aligning with organizational goals.

The Deliverables

  1. AT Plans™ Software account setup with district goals, projects, funding sources and timelines.
  2. Periodic data updates based on district feedback and Archi-Technology recommendations.
  3. Existing distric electronic documentation uploaded to AT Binders™ Software binders and sections based on system type(s).

AT Binders
View a sample AT Plans™ Software budget planning screen.
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