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The Issue

Because the installation of technology infrastructure and connected systems impacts AMEP systems, a licensed architect must submit the system’s Design Documents and Scope of a Work to the Office of Facilities Planning of the NYS Education Department (NYSED) to ensure all State building codes are met.

This applies whether the installation of a technology system is a standalone project or part of a larger district construction project.

If the system’s drawings and documentation are not submitted correctly (i.e., inadequate or incomplete data), NYSED will send the project back to the architect with items to be rectified. Multiple revision cycles waste labor and set back the project schedule until approval is received.

The Solution

An experienced, professional technology systems design firm typically produces the NYSEDrequired documentation as part of its Design services (i.e., Design Documents). With minor reorganization to align with NYSED’s submission requirements, the existing documentation can easily be submitted by an architect either as a standalone project or part of a larger construction project.

The Result

Correct, accurate and required documents are approved by the NYSED with minimal submissions allowing the technology project to stay on schedule with currently available funding.

The Deliverables

Note that Archi-Technology only provides these deliverables for technology projects it has designed for the architect/district. These deliverables are typically provided via the client’s ML Projects™ Construction Administration Software account.

  1. Required Schematic Design, Design Documents and Project Scope.
  2. All pertinent SED-required submission form data to support the architect’s efforts.

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