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Prevent problems.

Find and remedy issues
before manifestation.

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Identify issues.

Discover areas of concern
and how to address them.

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Extend life.

Get more years out of your
technology systems.

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A little preventative maintenance goes a long way.

The Issue

Many organizations lack the internal knowledge and resources to perform annual inspections of technology infrastructure system components for operational and/or integration issues. This both increases the risk of service interruptions and decreases the systems’ usable lives.

The Solution

An annual inspection and maintenance survey program of technology infrastructure systems and components by an objective, experienced professional firm at an affordable cost.

The Result

Reduced or eliminated service interruptions and extended systems’ usable lives with proactive preventative maintenance tasks identified.

The Deliverables

All deliverables are provided via the client’s AT Binders™ Software subscribing account.

  1. Statement of Conditions Report with identified areas of concern.
  2. Plan for Improvement with checklist of items to be addressed assigned to a responsible party.
  3. Updated Design Standards and Implementation Guides as needed.
  4. Updated Technology Systems Commissioning Guide as needed.

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