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Facilitate your Instructional Tech procurement process.

The Issue

NYS school districts often face a number of challenges in selecting the best classroom technology systems and products including:

  • Lack of product knowledge with Tech Committees comprised primarily of teaching staff that don't have the time needed for comprehensive vendor research.
  • The Easy Out. A subjective decision based on a "comfortable" awareness of specific products even though they may not be the best fit for stakeholder needs.
  • The Sparkle Effect. Choosing a solution based on a single sales pitch instead of having multiple vendors from which to choose.
  • School Building Administrators are often expected to facilitate the decision-making process without having either adequate time nor subject matter experience.

The Solution

Archi-Technology's Instructional Technology Guidance services provide unbiased, experienced facilitation of the entire procurement process including needs analysis, vendor selection, product demos, and final selection. Because we act as an extension of your district's staff, we can be brought in for specific projects on an as-needed basis.

These services are BOCES-aidable in New York State. Contact us for CoSer information.

The Result

Confidence that the classroom technology systems and devices that your district purchases are student-centric, teacher-driven, and administrator-supported with the opportunity for inclusion of all stakeholder input at the best possible value.

The Deliverables

Instructional Technology Guidance Deliverables provided to school districts include:

  1. Objective, documented needs analysis among stakeholder groups (teachers, students, parents) to develop a strategic framework for vendor selection.
  2. Comprehensive vendor-agnostic product research by Instructional Technology specialists that understand both user needs and system/device capabilities.
  3. Facilitated group decision to ensure all stakeholder voices are heard and considered to obtain a technology solution that meets everyone’s needs.
  4. Structured Vendor presentations with required talking points followed by Teacher surveys of each product’s instructional effectiveness.
  5. A final recommendations report that summarizes the findings of the product demos, makes a recommendation on final product selection, and provides a final comprehensive cost estimate.

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