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Up-to-date facilities documentation saves time and labor.

The Issue

Throughout the year, your facilities’ technology infrastructure and IP-connected systems are subject to various levels of maintenance, upgrades, replacements, and additions.

Oftentimes, however, the documentation for these changes is never distributed or made accessible to those people who need it (i.e., internal service technicians and contractors).

This lack of accessible, up-to-date documentation delays troubleshooting and repair times which, in turn, reduces system uptime and increases service expenses.

The Solution

An annual or semi-annual review and collection of updated systems documentation including Changes/Adds/Moves, as-built drawings, specifications, and O&M manuals. All collected materials is then uploaded as Electronic Facility Records to a secure, cloud-based documentation system.

The Result

Improved technology infrastructure and IP-connected system performance with reduced downtime, faster service completion times, and reduced related expenses.

The Deliverables

Delivered via the client’s ML Binders™ Software subscribing account:

  1. Inventoried paper assets provided to AT Drafting department for scanning and/or CAD drafting, and uploading to client’s account.
  2. Inventoried electronic assets uploaded to the proper binder, tab and section provided via the client’s account.
  3. Markup base drawings submitted to AT Drafting department for CAD drafting and uploading PDFs.

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