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Implement industry best-practices in all your technology systems.

The Issue

Larger organizations typically use in-house IT staff to install and/or implement technology systems. While staff has the required technical knowledge, many lack a set of documented best practices that must be followed to ensure consistency across all systems. The lack of this documentation can cause interoperability issues in the future due to inconsistent installation and/or implementation procedures.

The Solution

As an independent Technology Consulting firm with more than 20 years experience in the design of technology infrastructure, Archi-Technology is well suited to develop systems Implementation Guides that are comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date.

Note that school districts often call these documents "Exemplars" or "Best Practice Guides."

The Result

A set of reference documents that ensure the installation and implementation of technology infrastructure and systems meets industry best practices.

The Deliverables

Objective vendor-agnostic Installation Guides in PDF and Google Docs formats for Division 27 Technology Infrastructure (OSP, Cabling, Pathways, Spaces).

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