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Define standards.

Set industry best practices
as a design baseline.

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Meet standards.

Ensure all system designs
meet industry best practices.


Be consistent.

Get project designs on
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Ensure that all technology projects meet consistent standards.

The Issue

Typically the designs of an organization’s technology infrastructure and interconnected building-based systems are in the hands of numerous vendors and contractors. However, organizations typically lack documented enterprise-wide design guidelines to ensure a consistent baseline of industry best practices is applied to all technology projects regardless of vendor.

The Solution

As an independent Technology Consulting firm with more than 20 years experience in the design of technology infrastructure, Archi-Technology is well suited to develop systems Design Guides that are comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date.

The Result

A set of reference documents that ensure technology infrastructure and systems designs meet best practices.

The Deliverables

Objective vendor-agnostic Design Guides in PDF and Google Docs formats for:

  1. Division 27 Technology Infrastructure (OSP, Cabling, Pathways, Spaces).
  2. Division 28 Security Systems.
  3. Audio/Visual Systems Design Guide.
  4. Classroom Technology and Devices Design Guide.
Select the page image at right to see a full-size PDF of select Division 27 Technology Infrastructure Design Guide sample pages.

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