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The Issue

Under certain circumstances, a building owners may need to conduct a procurement bid for technology systems that are part of a larger capital construction project. The procurement process requires a significant investment in time as well as intimate knowledge of both the technology industry and administrative/legal requirements.

Higher Ed and Healthcare organizations typically have their own PDC (Plan/Design/Construct) departments to manage this specialized process. School districts typically lack the internal resources to manage the bidding process relating to one or more technology systems that are part of a construction project.

Mismanagement of the procurement process wastes staff time and budgetary resources while usually delivering an inferior functional solution. It can also potentially disqualify a project from reimbursement.

The Solution

Based on our 20+ years of experience in systems design, Archi-Technology’s Technology Construction Bidding services help clients—especially school districts—that do not have the resources to gather all of the information required for bidding documents which are a part of a large complex construction project.

Technology Construction Bidding tasks that we deliver within an objective, strategic framework include:

  1. Create Procurement and Contracting Requirements and General Requirements front-end documents.
  2. Create the Multi-Contract Summary document defining all systems vendors.
  3. Work with district Architect, BOCES or the RIC to advertise the bid using procurement guidelines.
  4. Hold pre-bid meetings with potential bidders and conduct site visits as needed.
  5. Answer bidder Pre-Bid Requests for Information (RFIs) and issue Bid Addenda as needed.
  6. Conduct the Bid Opening including receiving, tabulating, and evaluating bid responses.
  7. Present bid results to the client and make a recommended course of action.

The district can then issue a Notice to Proceed (NTP) at which point the Bid stage ends and is followed by the Procurement and Construction stages.

The Result

Accurate bidding documents delivered using an industry-standard process that allows clients to procure required technology systems at the best value.

The Deliverables

Unless otherwise specified, all deliverables will be provided by Archi-Technology to the district via the client’s ML Projects™ Construction Administration Software account:

  1. Stakeholder meetings with action items and notes.
  2. Production of front-end documents including Bid Package production inclusive of CD, Project Manuals and Specifications.
  3. Bid Advertisement guidance.
  4. Pre-Bid Meeting and site walk-through.
  5. Bid period activities such as RFI and issuing Addenda.
  6. Bid Opening, Bid Review/Qualification & Tabulation.
  7. Recommendation to client.

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