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The Issue

During a construction project, the Architect is responsible for Construction Administration (CA) functions as they relate to AMEP systems.

These CA functions are centered around contract administration to ensure any changes in the project’s Scope of Work are formally documented in the appropriate parties’ contract.

At the start of the project, these responsibilities include developing front-end documents such as Project Manuals, specifications and general requirements. Once the project begins, contract administration duties include developing Scopes of Work, issuing Change Orders, and responding to Payment Applications.

Related construction management tasks that dovetail with these contract admin responsibilities include RFIs, Submittals, Field Observations and Punch Lists.

Oftentimes the architect and the Electrical Engineering contractor may not be knowledgeable about or experienced with the technology components of a construction project. This may, in turn, cause costly Change Orders and delays in implementing CA activities relating to these technology systems.

The Solution

An experienced consulting firm can provide the majority of CA services that parallel the responsibilities of the architect for the technology infrastructure and IP-connected systems in a construction project. For those CA items that must be administered by the architect such as Payment Apps, the technology consulting firm pre-screens all submissions to facilitate processing by the architect.

The Result

Minimal or elimination of Change Orders relating to the technology systems in a construction project that is delivered on time and within budget.

The Deliverables

The following deliverables are typically provided by Archi-Technology for technology projects it has either designed for the architect/district or has performed a pre-bid design review for systems designed by other contractors.

These deliverables are typically provided via the client’s ML Projects™ Construction Administration Software account.

  1. Multi-Contract Summaries and Technical Systems Specification.
  2. Pre-Bid RFIs.
  3. RFIs.
  4. Submittals.
  5. Field Observations.
  6. Punchlists.
  7. Field Orders.
  8. Proposal Management.
  9. Change Orders.
  10. Payment application review.

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