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The Issue

In many cases, project owners do not receive high-quality electronic As Built drawings for technology infrastructure and related IP-connected systems. This potentially causes future facility management and systems service issue due to inaccessible, poor quality and/or inaccurate information.

The Solution

Our Project Closeout Documentation service provides clients with drafting and Project Management services that ensure all project As-Builts are converted into record drawings suitable for an Electronic Facility Record (EFR) system.

While the primary focus of this service is technology infrastructure and systems, it can also be applied to AMEP record drawings through partnerships with A/E firms.

The Result

Access any system documentation in 30 seconds or less from any web-enabled device to improve future facility management while reducing system service costs and completion times.

The Deliverables

Project Closeout Documentation deliverables are project record drawings delivered via AT Binders™ Electronic Facility Records (EFR) Software. Drawings are typically provided for each client building including:

  • TO Site
  • T1.SZ (Serving Zone)
  • T1.RL (Riser Logical)
  • T1.CP (Communications Pathways)
  • T1.CA (Structured Cabling)
  • T1.CM (Communications Systems)
  • T1.SS (Security Systems)
  • T1.AV (Audio Video Systems)
  • T2 level drawing for all applicable systems
  • T3 drawings for all CER/TR locations
  • T6 details as needed
  • Any AMEP drawings as required
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