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The Issue

AT Binders™ Software is a cloud-based solution to centralized, secure and accessible facilities documentation. However, many organizations lack the internal resources to optimally configure the software for their specific needs and to upload important Electronic Facility Records to the software.

The Solution

An experienced technology consulting firm can be contracted at an affordable cost to document the facility operators’ needs, configure the software accordingly, and upload your most critical facility data.

The Result

The ability for authorized staff, contractors and vendors to access any facility-related documentation in 30 seconds or less to improve maintenance and service efficiencies while reducing related expenses.

The Deliverables

Typical deliverables for this AT Binders™ Software Setup service include:

  1. Setup of user accounts with assigned privileges.
  2. Setup of custom binders and section based on district needs.
  3. Existing distric electronic documentation uploaded to AT Binders™ Software binders and sections based on system type(s).

NYS K12 School Districts: This service qualifies for BOCES aid. Contact Us for details.
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