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The Issue

Accurate, objective knowledge on the current state of an organization's technology infrastructure and related IP-connected systems is critical for long-range strategic planning. However, most organizations lack qualified staff to perform these surveys while system vendors may not take a client-centric approach.

The Solution

Conducted by qualified, unbiased technology professionals, a Technology Conditions Survey (TCS) provides clients with an accurate look at their technology infrastructure and IP-connected systems, including:

  • Technology infrastructure (communications cabling, pathways, and spaces such as CERs, TRs, and server rooms)
  • Communications systems
  • Integrated and Distributed Audio Visual systems (classroom AV systems, PA, master clock)
  • Security systems (video surveillance, intrusion detection, and access control)
  • Clinical systems for healthcare (nurse call, patient monitoring)

The Result

Long-term technology planning to meet an organization's long-term goals starts with objective, accurate knowledge of the current conditions of technology infrastructure, network connectivity and IP-connected system. A TCS provides an informational foundation from which future strategic technology planning efforts can occur including project prioritization, available funding, and time frames.

The Deliverables

The Technology Conditions Survey Report provided to clients includes:

  1. A narrative summary with photos of Current Technology Conditions both on an enterprise-wide amd building-specific basis of surveyed systems.
  2. Narrative of Recommended Improvements required to meet long-term goals.
  3. A Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) budget for the required projects.
  4. Survey sheets for all facilities and systems.
  5. Formal presentation to the client.
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