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Get the most from your NYS school district's SSBA allocation.

The Issue

Passage of the 2014 NYS Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA) provides a historic opportunity for school districts to fund technology infrastructure upgrades and networked communications and security systems. Smart School Investment Plans (SSIP) are a NYS SED requirement for K12 districts to access their SSBA allocation. Districts may lack the internal staff with the expertise and experience required to develop effective first-time SSIP submissions that meet all SED requirements.

The Solution

Our SSIP services provide districts with a proven method of identifying which technology priorities should be funded by SSBA and then developing an SSIP submission that meets all SED requirements and avoid approval and funding delays.

Archi-Technology always recommends that districts use SSBA funding on infrastructure upgrades that provide the highest Return On Investment (especially when compared to student devices).

The Result

Optimization of the district’s available SSBA allocation resulting in reliable, scalable technology infrastructure and cost-effective related IP-connected building-based systems.

The Deliverables

The SSIP deliverable is a slide deck that:

  1. Explains the nature of the technology projects to be funded including how it meets the district's long term goals.
  2. The work to be done for the project.
  3. The total estimated project cost.
  4. The SSBA category(ies) in which the work belongs.

There are usually multiple iterations of the SSIP slide deck based on specific needs (e.g. Board Meeting, Community Forum) including the Board-approved version which is typically posted to the district's website for the required 30 days public review period.

K12 Sample Plan
Select the image to see a sample SSIP Executive Summary slide deck (PDF).
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