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The Issue

Organizations are typically reliant on technology infrastructure systems integrators and resellers that may have a bias toward specific solutions regardless of the project owner’s need. Additionally some organizations may lack the internal resources and/or experience to objectively select the best value solution to the owner’s needs.

The Solution

Archi-Technology conducts Technology Procurement services that help clients purchase the best value technology infrastructure and systems to meet their goals. These services include:

  • Group facilitation including meeting with client stakeholders to determine needs.
  • Product research.
  • Coordination of product demonstrations.
  • Development of stakeholder feedback survey(s).
  • Investigation/identification of purchasing options.
  • Development of Observations and Recommendations Report.
  • RFP and/or Bid development.
  • RFP/Bid Response review and recommendation.
Note that Archi-Technology would either use a client-provided design or develop a System Design for the purpose of providing the requested Technology Procurement services.

The Result

Obtain the best-value technology infrastructure and systems that meet project owner goal while reducing staff workloads.

The Deliverables

The following deliverables are typically provided as part of our Technology Procurement services:

  • Product Research Reports.
  • System Design documents.
  • Vendor Presentation Guidelines and Templates.
  • Online Stakeholder Feedback Survey and Report of Results.
  • Observations and Recommendations Report.
  • RFP/Bid documents.

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