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Develop a 5-year technology plan for your campus

Technology Consulting For The Life Of Your District

Armed with accurate, objective information from the Technology Conditions Survey, Archi-Technology can help develop an objective, cost-effective and realistic Five-Year Technology Plan for your organization. The Plan leverages, where possible, existing technology components while meeting current and future anticipated needs and funding sources.

Because we don’t sell equipment or software, you can be sure that the recommendations we make are based on your campus needs and our expertise.

Avoid Surprises With A Technology Consultant Early In The Game

The involvement of an independent technology consultant during Program Development can save millions of dollars in potential cost overruns and missed deadlines.

Archi-Technology has been providing unbiased consulting services to education and healthcare clients and their construction and technology partners for almost 20 years. Just some of these services include:

  • Master Program Planning
  • Program Technology, Feasibility & Budget Assessments
  • Project Authorization Request support including Board presentations
  • Third-party design and estimate verification prior to construction

See the difference our planning services can have on the technology components of your campus or facility. Call 585-424-1952 to discuss your needs.

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