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Comprehensive Technology Planning starts here.

The Issue

Organizations face difficulties in developing holistic technology plans internally based on departmental silos of responsibility, ever-changing technology systems, and a reactive use of resources.

The Solution

A Comprehensive Technology Plan (CTP) starts with an organization's long-term goals and defines required technology systems associated with each goal. Based on the findings of a Technology Conditions Survey, the CTP develops a 10-year holistic plan to fund, develop, deploy and maintain the systems needed to meet future goals.

The Result

Regardless of the specific goals of an organization, meeting technology-related objectives starts with the development of reliable, sustainable Technology Infrastructure and network connectivity. A CTP ensures that the digital foundation of your technology systems meets current and anticipated needs.

The Deliverables

A Comprehensive Technology Plan provides clients with three actionable deliverables:

  1. A graphic 10-year plan organized by goal and year, and;
  2. AT Plans™ Software account setup with organizational goals, projects, funding sources and timelines
  3. A Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) budget that supplements the graphic plan.

Below is a sample public school district's CTP organized by district goal across a ten-year horizontal axis. Select the image to see a full-size PDF that you download for your organization's planning efforts.

K12 Sample Plan
Select the image to see a full-size PDF of a CTP Graphic Overview.
AT Plans
View a sample AT Plans™ Software budget planning screen.
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