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Keep your technology plans on pace with annual updates.

The Issue

While a Comprehensive Technology Plan (CTP) provides a realistic 10-year roadmap for technology projects, each year there are many obstacles to adhering to the plan including:

  • New organizational priorities that divert attention from the plan and its schedules.
  • Infrequent status meetings and communications that cause team members to lose track of important deadlines such as funding or design submission dates.
  • Staff changes due to retirements, new positions, and attrition that result in unclear or non-existent reassignment of technology project responsibilities to other/new team members.

The lack of a proactive CTP manager often results in loss of funding due to missed submission dates, missed project schedules, and cost overruns.

The Solution

Archi-Technology brings an outside, proactive perspective to the oversight and management of an organization's Comprehensive Technology Plans.

Starting with regular oversight meetings an ongoing timely communications, our Project Managers follow up on specific activities with the responsiblie parties to ensure submissions, project deadlines and related planning tasks are completed correctly on time, the first time.

A Continuity Plan as well as updates to your Comprehensive Technology Plan (CTP) and related AT Plans™ Software entries are also provided as part of these services.

The Result

A well-oiled and efficient technology team that delivers projects on schedule and in budget based on an accurate Comprehensive Technology Plan.

The Deliverables

  • Regular CTP meetings to communicate project status updates and ensure all team members are clear about their responsiblities through each project phase.
  • Ongoing electronic, written, and verbal communications to all team members to follow up on decisions, key tasks, issues, or obstacles.
  • Continuity Planning with development of a matrix of the client's primary technology project stakeholders with their roles and responsiblities.
  • Annual or semi-annual Comprehensive Technology Plan (CTP) revisions based on newly identified projects, changes in priority or timing, revised cost estimates, and/or changes in anticipated funding sources.
  • Updates to AT Plans™ Comprehensive Facility Planning Software for detailed breakdown of all revised cost and budget estimates.

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