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The Issue

Communications Equipment Rooms (CERs) are vital technology spaces that house network switches, rack and other components essential to the reliable distribution of data throughout a facility. Yet many CERs do not meet basic industry standards for dedicated space, secure access, cable management, grounding, and ceiling and flooring. Most organizations lack the resources necessary to survey current conditions, identify ideal locations, and make recommendations for required improvements.

The Solution

Developed by objective, credentialed technology professionals, a CER Master Plan locates the ideal location of CERs/Telecommunications Rooms and defines their associated serving zones for optimal performance of an organization's technology infrastructure.

The Result

Secure, reliable, and scalable CERs and related technology infrastructure including physical space, equipment and racks, cable management, grounding and bonding, HVAC, etc. that meets current and future needs.

The Deliverables

The deliverables for the CER Master Plan include:

  1. Marked-up flood plans identifying recommended CER locations and related serving zones based on industry standards for cable lengths.
  2. A narrative of recommended improvements to ensure client goals for technology spaces.
  3. A Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) budget for the recommended improvements with possible funding sources identified.
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