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Trying to select the best paths between points A and B is impossible if you don’t know where point A is located.

The same logic applies to the planning, design and construction of a facility’s technology infrastructure and systems. Whether you’re planning major upgrades in existing buildings or starting from scratch for a new-build project, it’s critical to know the technology components that are already in place to effectively plan for future needs.

You are probably familiar with Building Condition Surveys (BCS) conducted by licensed Architects to assess the condition of existing structural and utility (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) systems. As independent technology consultants, Archi-Technology performs the same function for the technology systems in a building that move data, representing the project owner’s interests and coordinating related tasks with Architects, MEP engineers, Construction Managers, contractors and subs.

Our two most requested Assessment services are Technology Condition Surveys (TCS) and Security Assessments.

Technology Condition Survey (TCS)

Assessment of the condition of technology infrastructure outside the expertise of many Electrical Engineering firms. This includes the following services for pathways, cables and Communication Equipment Rooms:

  • Review of all available system documentation, both hard copy and electronic
  • Physical site surveys of technology infrastructure and systems in all district buildings with standards-based checklists
  • Documenting the results of all surveys
  • Formal presentation to facility owner, Architect and CM reps

Security Assessment

A Security Assessment documents:

  • Physical layout of buildings and surrounding perimeter
  • Lighting
  • Communications Systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Data Network Security
  • Access Control
  • Doors, windows and locks
  • Video Surveillance
  • Physical Barriers
  • Evaluation of Security Staff policies and procedures
  • Evaluation of event reporting/logging and communication

Based on Assessment findings, different levels of protection will then be evaluated with recommendations provided at three levels of physical security:

  • Outer Perimeter
  • Interior
  • Inner Perimeter

Owners and architects: Get started today

See the difference our assessment services can have on the technology components of your next capital project. Call 585-424-1952 to discuss your needs.

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