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  • On Demand Technology Consulting.  Saving Time, Money and Space for Everyone during every project phase.
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Archi-Technology is an independent Technology Consulting firm providing strategic planning, design and implementation services to clients in the northeast U.S. working in education. healthcare and other markets.

Our clients save time and money by using our proactive staff as an on-demand extension of their in-house capabilities when it comes to the specialized IT systems that are also a physical part of a building or campus.

We offer flat-rate contracts to our strategic partners for Technology Consulting services during every phase of a construction project:

  • Assess Assess including surveys of building technology infrastructure and systems with documented findings and recommendations.
  • Plan including defining project and process standards, and third-party design and estimate verification.
  • Design for technology infrastructure and related systems that meet owner short- and long-term needs.
  • Construct with Technology Construction Management and Clerk of Works services for system implementation, validation and cutover management.
  • Manage including drawing scanning and organization of Capital Project files and maps, cataloging, and setup for secure access to vital data 24/7 via any smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Learn more about our comprehensive Technology Consulting services and select projects from our clients in education, healthcare and other markets.

Then call 585-424-1952 to save time and money on the technology component of your next project.

Benefits to Your Company, The Project & Your Clients

  • Extend project budgets.
  • Enjoy seamless project Technology Systems coordination with clients and contractors.
  • Eliminate surprises with coordination of all Technology Systems requirements.
  • Maximize resources with parallel systems planning with traditional building planning and design.
  • Stay on top of the latest technological trends and advances without expenses.
  • Work only when needed.
Technology Consultants for the 4th Utility

Electronic Facility Records Electronic Facility Records was developed by Archi-Technology to improve productivity and add value throughout the life of a building. Learn more