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K12 Planning Resources

Comprehensive Technology Planning (CTP) Resources

CTP Introduction

See the relationship between a CTP and other planning efforts as well as an implementation timeline. View PDF.

District Goals

Here's why 10-year technology objectives need to align with a district's long-range goals. View PDF.

Building vs. Technology Conditions Surveys

Learn the technology systems that should be surveyed at the same time as their AMEP counterparts during your district’s ’19/’20 Building Conditions Survey (BCS). View PDF.

Long-Range Budgeting

Learn the difference between the tech project budget you may have in mind and the one you should. View PDF.

Tech Reports Flowchart

Learn how a CTP includes a district's existing priorities, action plans, and schedules. View PDF.

CTP Development Process

Discover how a CTP is developed based on existing data, goals, funding sources, and projects. View PDF.

CTP Development Timeline

A visual 6-month calendar of the development of a district's CTP. View PDF.

Sample District CTP

See a sample school district Comprehensive Technology Plan overview. View PDF.

CTP Checklist

Major input and tasks required from the district for CTP development. View PDF.

CTP White Paper

This 10-page 2017 white paper provides the details of a CTP. View PDF.

SSIP Timeline

It takes about 4 months to develop an average Smart School Investment Plan. View PDF.

SSBA-Funded Project Anatomy

Project "soft costs" average 20% of the total technology project construction budget. View PDF.

Anatomy of NYS Aid for Building Conditions Surveys

School districts can get more value from NYS aid for Building Conditions Surveys by including technology system assessments and document scanning services. View PDF.

Whole Room Audio

The better children can hear, the more they can learn. Discover why as well as the different types of available classroom audio systems. View PDF.

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