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Technology Planning Services
  • Technology Conditions Surveys assess the conditions of technology systems in all or select district buildings.
  • A Technology Conditions Survey (TCS) usually covers:

    • Communications cabling, pathways, and spaces (CERs, TRs, server rooms)
    • Communications systems
    • Integrated and Distributed Audio Visual systems (classroom AV systems, PA, master clock)
    • Security systems (video surveillance, intrusion detection, and access control)
    • Clinical systems (nurse call, patient monitoring)
    Learn more about Technology Conditions Surveys.

  • Comprehensive Technology Plans develop 10-year strategic roadmaps that optimize funding sources and prioritize projects based on district goals.
  • A Comprehensive Technology Plan (CTP) starts with an organization's long-term goals and defines required technology systems associated with each goal.

    Based on the findings of a Technology Conditions Survey, the CTP develops a 10-year holistic plan to fund, develop, deploy, and maintain the systems needed to meet future goals.

    Deliverables typically include a CTP graphic overview that details all required projects, funding sources, and year(s) as well as a detailed cost estimate delivered via AT Plans Comprehensive Facility Planning software.

    Learn more about Comprehensive Technology Plans.

  • NYS K12 Smart School Investment Planning (SSIP) optimizes your district's one-time SSBA allocation using a holistic planning process.
  • Archi-Technology works with districts to develop the SSIP deliverable based on Technology Condition Surveys and Comprehensive Technology Plans by identifying which technology priorities should be funded by SSBA.

    SSIP development is not a standalone service; it always occurs with a CTP and usually a TCS.

    Learn more about Smart School Investment Plans.

  • Communications Equipment Room (CER) Master Plans assess current conditions of these vital spaces and develop a path to get you to desired future states.
  • CER Master Plans assist clients in locating Communication Equipment Rooms (CERs)/Telecommunications Rooms (TRs) for optimal performance of their cable plant infrastructure.

    CER Master Plans are usually based on a Technology Conditions Survey and consist of locating ideal locations for CERs on floor plan drawings as well as a narrative recommending improvements to optimize these vital spaces.

    Learn more about CER Master Plans.


Good planning starts with a Technology Conditions Survey.

Good technology planning relies on a thorough knowledge of the conditions of your district's current systems.

A Technology Conditions Survey (TCS) provides an objective, comprehensive and accurate review of your district's existing technology infrastructure and IP-connected systems such as Communications, AV and Security.

The data compiled in the TCS Report provides a consistent baseline for all technology planning initiatives.

Get knowledgeable with Archi-Technology.

Sample TCS Report