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RTS Transit Center

Genesee Valley Regional Transit Service, Rochester, NY
RTS Transit Center

(including Communications & AV Systems)

Project Description
Spanning a city block, this 87,000 sq. ft. Transit Center provides a consolidated indoor waiting space for an estimated 20,000 riders per day transferring to seven counties centered around Rochester, NY.

The new-build facility includes 26 indoor and two outdoor gates to accommodate up to 100 buses/hour.

Designed to be environmentally friendly with energy-saving LED interior lighting, the RTS Transit Center features:
  • Digital displays throughout the facility for bus schedules and updates.
  • An automated trip planner with an electronic ticket purchase option.
  • Telephone systems and tactile floor plans to assist the visually impaired.
  • Video surveillance and safety systems for all bus gates and waiting areas.
Archi-Technology's primary responsibilities for this important civic project included:
  • Review of all technology related infrastructure and plans.
  • Final coordination of all Telecommunications Rooms (TRs).
  • Preparation of Digital Signage System RFP and management of related system hardware integration into the facility.
  • Preparation of Voice Recorder RFP for both Phones and Radios.
  • Overall coordination and equipment selection for text-2-speech phone system that allows visually impaired riders to look up routes.
One of the primary concerns within this facility is redundancy and resiliency. With a goal of 100% uptime, extra attention was paid to having multiple connections into the facility and the ability of the systems to operate independently of the primary systems.

With this being a first of it's kind in the local area, a number of new technologies were implemented to help the riders navigate the facility. Starting with only a basic concept, there were multiple systems design iterations to find the solutions that best met the needs of users and budgets.

Total Program Cost $50,000,000
Total IT Project Cost $2,200,000
Completion Date 2014

Project Contact
Contact us at 585-424-1952 for references for this project.

Archi-Technology's Role

  • Strategic planning
  • Systems design assistance
  • Technology Clerk of Works
CLA Systems
  • Voice and network devices and associated infrastructure
  • Distributed AV including digital sigange and user kiosks
  • Communications including phone and radio Telecommunications Rooms (TRs)

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