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Archi-Technology has worked with owners, architects, engineers, construction managers and contractors for almost 20 years to plan, design and coordinate installation of technology infrastructure and interconnected systems that are part of larger healthcare facility construction projects.

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Unity Health Systems, Rochester, NY

University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), Rochester, NY

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Technology Conditions Surveys (TCS) provide a baseline on the conditions of existing technology infrastructure at your hospital, clinic or other healthcare facility. With the ability to scale for a specific technology category such as Data Centers to an entire floor, wing or building, our TCS services provide invaluable, accurate and objective data and recommendations for capital planning. Learn more...

Clinical Project Profile: Unity Hospital Modernization and Expansion Project was a $158M multi-year, addition to a hospital and complete renovations of every patient room. Archi-Technology played a key consulting role coordinating Clinical, Security and AV systems as well as the technology infrastructure on which they run with the dozens of trades involved with the project.

Cabling Fire Stop Verification Services ensure patient, staff and building safety for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities. Avoid potentially costly Joint Commission or Building Inspections that could jeopardize your hospital’s accreditations. Learn more...
Technology Consultants for the 4th Utility

Electronic Facility Records Electronic Facility Records was developed by Archi-Technology to improve productivity and add value throughout the life of a building. Learn more