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Hello and welcome to Archi-Technology's K12 Resources page which aggregates the best and brightest original content we've developed since the passage of the NYS Smart Schools Bond Act of 2013.

This content was designed to help educate and enable NYS school district staff–and their Architectural and CM partners–in the planning, budgeting and deployment of technology efficiently and effectively.

Educational Materials

These infographics and data sheets provide overviews of general information about technology infrastructure and its importance to your district.*

Technology & Infrastructure Basics

NYS K12 Technology Planning

Enablement Tools

These materials provide timelines, checklists and templates for district development of Comprehensive Technology Plans (CTPs) and Smart School Investment Plans (SSIPs).

All materials ©Archi-Technology, LLC. You may re-use any of this original proprietary material as long as the Archi-Technology logo and copyright notice remain clearly visible. Please contact us if you have any questions about the digital use of these materials.

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See how our objective technology consulting services can help your district maximize available funding while efficiently helping meet shortand long-term goals. View the PDF brochure..

Technology Consultants for the 4th Utility

Electronic Facility Records Electronic Facility Records was developed by Archi-Technology to improve productivity and add value throughout the life of a building. Learn more