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An Electronic Facility Records (EFR) system reduces operating costs and increases productivity by making critical operational information available to staff and contractors on site when needed, such as electronic as-built drawings and Operating and Maintenance (O&M) manuals.

Drawing Scanning & Organization of Capital Project Files & Maps

While the development of a comprehensive EFR system is typically a multi-year project, districts can start at anytime, especially as new capital projects are being planned or get underway.

The available budget creates a starting point for initial EFR services that include:

  • Assess district-wide needs including gauging extent and accuracy of existing assets.
  • Develop an objective, comprehensive and realistic multi-year EFR System plan.

The following EFR services can then be applied, prioritized by need to maximize short-term ROI:

  • Inventory of existing electronic and hard-copy drawings and documentation
  • Scanning hard-copy drawings and documents
  • Revising outdated drawings with electronic drafting services
  • On-site physical surveys to update electronic records
  • Cataloging and archiving data in an intuitive secure database
  • Setting access control for staff and contractors

Our T-Series drawings document end-to-end pathways, cable configurations and device connections, from Outside Cable Plant and communications infrastructures to building, clinical and other specific Communications, Life Safety and Automation (CLA) technology systems.

Electronic Document Management System

Cloud-based software allows facility infrastructure drawings and documentation to be stored in electronic binders for secure access via any smart device by IT staff, facility managers, service technicians and authorized contractors.

Property owners and facility managers control login credentials and viewing permissions.

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See the difference our technology consulting services can make to a NYS school district's one-time Smart Schools Bond Act allocation and the resulting Return On Investment.

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Electronic Facility Records Electronic Facility Records was developed by Archi-Technology to improve productivity and add value throughout the life of a building. Learn more