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Make sure your Investment Plan makes the grade.

Discover how an objective, experienced technology-consulting firm that specializes in technology infrastructure can help your district develop a winning Smart Schools Investment Plan (SSIP).

Your district's ability to receive its maximum Smart Schools Bond Act allocation will depend, in large part, on the SSIP that will be reviewed by the Governor's appointed Commission for approval or resubmission.

Develop an SSIP that passes on the first submission with the counsel of an objective, experienced technology-consulting firm with a proven 17-year track record in the education market.

Smart Schools Investment Plan

The following information about the Smart School Bond Act, the resultant Commission, and Investment Plans is directly from the Governor's official website.

Bond proceeds may be used for capital projects to:

  • Acquire learning technology equipment or facilities, including but not limited to interactive whiteboards, computer servers, and desktop, laptop, and tablet computers;
  • Install high-speed broadband or wireless internet connectivity for schools and communities;
  • Construct, enhance, and modernize educational facilities to accommodate pre-kindergarten programs and to provide instructional space to replace classroom trailers; and
  • Install high-tech security features in school buildings and on school campuses, including but not limited to video surveillance, emergency notification systems, and physical access controls.

The Smart Schools Review Board is a statutorily-created panel comprised of the Chancellor of the State University of New York, the Director of the Budget, and the Commissioner of Education, or their respective designees.

...the Smart Schools Review Board is tasked with issuing guidelines regarding the Smart Schools Investment Plans that districts will be required to submit for approval. These guidelines will include any required components of the Smart Schools Investment Plans, as well as more details regarding the timeline for plan submission and any additional spending parameters.

As outlined above, each district must submit a Smart Schools Investment Plan to the Smart Schools Review Board for approval. The Smart Schools Review Board may approve the plan, reject the plan, or return the plan to the school district for modifications.

Once the Smart Schools Investment Plan is approved, the school district will be eligible to begin receiving grant funds, up to the amount of its Smart Schools allocation amount, to reimburse costs of the approved projects. The State Education Department will administer the grant funds.

For more information, review the Governor's official Q&A document.

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