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A ten-year Comprehensive Technology Plan (CTP) provides an actionable, practical and cost-effective way for NYS school districts to get the technology systems needed to meet long-range district goals.

A well-developed CTP provides a number of benefits to districts:

  • Aligns the various, ongoing planning efforts of district staff (e.g., Instructional Tech Plans, Professional Development, Capital Projects) with future technology system needs. (Learn more about Aligning Technology with District Goals.)
  • Includes and maximizes all available funding sources. (Learn more about Technology Planning Touchpoints.)
  • Highlights gaps in projects and budgets between goals and available resources.
  • Addresses important, less-visible needs of all districts such as Technology Infrastructure, staff training, technical support, and refresh rates. (Learn more about Long-Range Technology Project Financial Planning.)
  • Accounts for future technology development (i.e., in 5 – 10 years).

Sample District CTP

The best way to understand a Comprehensive Technology Plan is to see one as shown in the graphic shown below. (Click anywhere on the graphic to view a larger PDF.)

Note that there are many different formats for a CTP including longer narrative documents, GANNT charts and using other project planning tools. The one-sheet version shown here has been developed by Archi-Technology based on dozens of NYS district clients in the last three years.

Get a Free CTP Planning Kit

As trusted independent technology consultants to NYS school districts, Archi-Technology has a proven track record of strategic objective advice that saves our clients time and money while maximizing human and budgetary resources.

We've developed a self-guided Comprehensive Technology Planning Kit that we'd like to share with your district at no cost and with no obligation. We know the importance of objective strategic technology planning for all NYS school district and are happy to share our knowledge with interested Superintendents, CIOs and other district management.

View the CTP Kit Instruction Sheet to see if the package is of interest to your district. If so, send us an email with your contact information—including district name and your title—and we'll mail out your free CTP Kit within three business days.

Questions? Call Tom Rauscher, Archi-Technology's President at 585.286.4500.

Learn more about our Technology Services for NYS K12 School Districts

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See how our objective technology consulting services can help your district maximize available funding while efficiently helping meet shortand long-term goals. View the PDF brochure..

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