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The first step toward developing a Comprehensive Technology Plan is to conduct an assessment of a district’s major technology systems to establish a “current state” baseline. Once the conditions of these systems are known and quantified, priorities can be established to determine where work is needed and to guide project timelines and available funding sources.

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Archi-Technology has conducted Technology Conditions Surveys (TCS) on hundreds of buildings for more than 30 NYS K12 school districts. Our unbiased, professional Surveys typically include:

  • Physical site surveys of Technology Infrastructure including Outside Plant, pathways, cables and Technology/Communication Equipment Rooms (sometimes referred to as MTR/ITRs, MDF/IDFs, or server rooms).
  • Physical site surveys of technology systems including Networks (Wired/Wifi), Classroom Technology, Communications (Master Clock, PA), and Safety/Security
  • Inventory of available system documentation, both hard copy and electronic.
  • Interviews with key personnel.
  • Documenting the results of all surveys including the development of recommendations and a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) budget.
  • Formal presentation to the school district.

Periodic assessments of district technology conditions help districts plan how to best address technology needs. TCS services could be added to NYS-mandated 2020 Building Conditions Surveys or they can be conducted independently

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