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Vital Systems For Healthcare Campuses


Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, teaching institutions and medical centers rely on unique building technology systems that literally save lives.

From data distribution and integrated AV to access and elopement control, Archi-Technology has been helping healthcare facility owners and their contractors meet the technical, physical and financial requirements of technology infrastructure and interrelated systems for almost 20 years.

As an independent technology consulting firm, we aren't reliant on product sales margins or commissions. Our unbiased strategic advice is built on a Design-To-Manage approach that adds value long after the project is handed over to the owner.

We also add value during every project phase with Electronic Facilities Records (EFR) for operational efficiencies, cloud-based construction project administration software, and field-tested knowledge of the multi-faceted effects that technology systems have on the construction process.

We provide strategic value to healthcare campus owners and their construction project team by designing standards-based solutions that are:

  • Cost effective at the time of construction and
  • Will function as designed from first use and into the future.

Archi-Technology also develops and maintains facility and systems drawings that can be used to manage buildings and reduce total cost of ownership.

Healthcare Campus Benefits
  • Extend your budget by using our experienced professionals on an as-needed basis as an extension of your internal team or prime contractors.
  • Enjoy seamless project coordination with your clients and their contractors based on our sophisticated and robust technology planning capabilities.
  • Eliminate surprises with coordination of architectural, mechanical and electrical requirements effected by information transporting systems.
  • Maximize resources with information systems planning integrated with traditional building planning and design instead of waiting for construction.

Technology Services For The Life Of Your Healthcare Campus

  • Assess including surveys of building technology infrastructure and systems with documented findings and recommendations.
  • Plan including defining project and process standards, and third-party design and estimate verification.
  • Design for technology infrastructure and related systems that meet owner short- and long-term needs.
  • Construct with Technology Construction Management and Clerk of Works services for system implementation, validation and cutover management.
  • Manage including drawing scanning and organization of Capital Project files and maps, cataloging, and setup for secure access to vital data 24/7 via any smartphone, tablet or desktop.

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Clinical Project Profile: Unity Hospital Modernization and Expansion Project was a $158M multi-year, addition to a hospital and complete renovations of every patient room. Archi-Technology played a key consulting role coordinating Clinical, Security and AV systems as well as the technology infrastructure on which they run with the dozens of trades involved with the project.

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