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  • About Archi-Technology: Specialists in the Technology Systems that get Physical with your Construction Projects.
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About Us

Archi-Technology Technology Consultants

Archi-Technology LLC is an independent Technology Consulting firm that provides long-range strategic and project services relating to the technology component of capital construction projects. Our core expertise is in technology infrastructure–the cables, pathways and spaces that transport data–and extends to Communications, Security, AV and Clinical systems.

Design teams typically leave these "information systems" to building owners to coordinate during the construction phase of a project. This inevitable leads into cost and schedule overruns due to the interwoven relationship between architectural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and these technology systems.

Established in 1996 with one employee, we now have more than 15 professionals in two offices and field locations working on technology projects on higher education, healthcare, K – 12 and commercial building campuses.

Archi-Technology works as an extension of your internal team. Our abilities in technology planning, design development, construction administration, project management and documentation allow us to provide seamless project coordination with our clients.

We work closely with your other project consultants and engineers to coordinate the architectural, mechanical and electrical requirements affected by or required by information-transporting systems on the project.

Benefits to Your Company, The Project & Your Clients

  • Extend project budgets.
  • Enjoy seamless project Technology Systems coordination with clients and contractors.
  • Eliminate surprises with coordination of all Technology Systems requirements.
  • Maximize resources with parallel systems planning with traditional building planning and design.
  • Stay on top of the latest technological trends and advances without expenses.
  • Work only when needed.
Technology Consultants for the 4th Utility

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