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Technology consulting services for every phase of your project.

Company Overview

Connection people, buildings, and technology, Archi-Technology LLC is an independent consulting firm that specializes in:

  • Technology infrastructure systems that transport data within and among buildings including Pathways, Spaces, and Cabling.
  • Related IP-connected systems that are part of a building's physical structure such as Communications, Audio-Video, Security, and Clinical for healthcare.

The firm takes a holistic view of its projects with a "plan-to-manage" approach that looks at meeting both the shorter-term needs of the design-build stages (3 - 5 years) and the longer-term operational requirements of the building (50+ years).

Select any project phase to see our related professional technology services.

In addition to design and construction management services for technology systems, the company also offers proven planning and maintenance services that optimize funding, coordinate activities across disciplines, and ensure alignment to organizational goals.

Because Archi-Technology doesn't sell or profit from the sale of hardware or software, all of its planning, design, and constrution and maintenance services are objective and unbiased, based on knowledge not on product commissions.

Archi-Technology’s Service Delivery Area

Archi-Technology provides direct, onsite services to owners, architects and Construction Management firms that are located in central and western New York State. Select the map to see a detailed view of the NYS counties served.

Organizations in eastern NYS can use our network of credentialed professionals who are certified by Archi-Technology to provide our proven technology services.

Different by Design

Archi-Technology acts as an extension of your staff to coordinate, plan, and manage various aspects of your organization's technology infrastructure and IP-connected systems based on your needs and project phase. Services of special interest for each project phase include:

Comprehensive Technology Planning services start with an organization's long-term goals and aligns current and new technology projects with those goals. Funding sources, timelines, and estimates are identified to produce a 10-year roadmap everyone can follow.

Based on more than 20 years of experience, the firm's Technology Systems Design services provide accurate SD, DD, and CD documents using proprietary Technology T-Series drawigns that efficiently illustrate the locations of all related system components.

Technology Construction Management services bridge the gap between the design and construction phases by coordinating and overseeing all construction activities related to technology infrastructure and other facility-based IP-connected systems. This includes owner departments that perform their own construction activities.

Drafting and Documentation Annual Maintenance services provide a turnkey affordable resource to ensure all identified Moves/Adds/Changes are fully documented to maximize system uptime and reduce service call frequency, duration, and cost.

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