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  • Communications: Division 27
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  • Automation: Division 25

Save Time, Money and Space On CLA Systems Projects

The technology infrastructure used to move data around campuses is made up of complex IT systems that are half technology/half building. Archi-Technology supplements in-house capabilities with flexible consulting, design, project management, and documentation services relating to these specialized Communications, Life Safety and Automation (CLA) systems.

Archi-Technology's flexible on-demand services save money, time and physical space for your projects that include a CLA system component. From defining budgets and scope of work, to system design and project management, we are strategic partners with well-known education and health-care clients in the northeast U.S. It's the first step in creating buildings so smart they can think for themselves to reduce operating and maintenance costs for their owners.

We help our clients keep pace with complex requirements for the project at hand while positioning their campuses and stakeholders to take advantage of future technologies.

If that sounds like smart thinking to you, please call us at (585) 424-1952 to discuss your organization's needs.

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